The Team – Utreisetjenesten (The Expatriation Services)



  • A partner-based collaboration between Sense Psykologi & Konsulenttjenester (Sense Psychology & Consultancy Services), GUIDE advokater (GUIDE Attorneys), Sikkerhetsledelse and Sikkerhetsledelse og CONOW kompetansesenter for internasjonale relasjoner (Center for International Relations).
  • We assist all types of companies that send personnel on assignments abroad.

  • We provide broad experience and competence in the field of expatriation

  • We offer strategy plans, action plans, courses and training

Sense Psykologi & Konsulenttjenester AS  (Sense Psychology & Consulting Services)

Psychologist and consultancy company in Bergen

  • Has extensive expertise in the areas of internationalization, global mobility, cultural competence, selection, leadership and organizational development, clinical psychology / therapy
  • Assists with research, knowledge and experience-based interventions in all phases, and to all participants in the expatriate process.

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Contact person: Jøri Gytre Horverak, telephone: +47 95 26 86 97, e-mail:



Guide Advokater (Guide Attorneys)

Law firm in Bergen

  • With extensive knowledge and experience especially within tax and corporate law, contract law, real estate and employment law, criminal law, child welfare law, and family law. 
  • Specialists on legal Issues related to global mobility, expatriates and inpatriates.
  • Works specifically with taxes, and social security, employment contracts, tax returns, tax complaints, social security, residence and work permits.

Offers legal assistance to private, public and business customers.

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Contact person: May Karin Gytre, telephone: +47 99 21 67 87, e-mail:




Security company in Oslo where the majority of employees have experience from the Norwegian police force.

  • A powerful supporter for businesses, people and families.
  • Services, courses and exercises, and builds functional plans and instructions in security, preparedness and crisis management.
  • Performs security assessments, system building, counseling and practical training in security, preparedness and crisis management for overseas assignments.

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Contact person: Anders Snortheimsmoen, telephone: +47 99 28 24 00, e-mail:




Center for International Relations with Office in Oslo.

  • Conow offers clients individual, tailor-made services within contextual analysis and country knowledge, analysis of security challenges, government relations, social responsibility, corporate communications, knowledge of expatriation challenges, including cultural understanding.
  • CONOW has experts with different backgrounds and knowledge of diverse disciplines. Employees have experience from the Norwegian Foreign Service, international diplomacy, humanitarian organizations and international institutions such as the UN, World Bank and USAID.

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Contact person: Rolf A. Vestvik, telephone: +47 48 89 33 13, e-mail: