How can we assist your company?

Norwegian companies have between 5000 and 6000 employees abroad. 70% of the companies that work internationally expect an increase in the number of expats in the years to come. One single expat costs the company between NOK 2-3 million annually, or approximately 2-3 times the domestic salary. Furthermore, a deployment will also involve complicated legal issues as well as security challenges. Research suggests that as many as 20-50% of the expats returns before assignment completion.

A discontinued assignment is extremely costly for a company. In addition to actual costs, discontinued assignments also involve lost investments, lost business opportunities and business relationships, damaged reputation, and more.

It is therefore highly important that the expat mission is successful - both for the companies sending their key personnel abroad, but also for the expat and his / her family. Utreisetjenesten (The Expatriation Service) provides companies with services throughout all phases, and to all individuals involved in the expat process.

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1. Mapping job / destination

  • Job analysis / Culture-specific selection criteria

  • Country analysis, safety analysis, crisis and contingency plan

  • Practical adaptation: housing, transport, school, etc.

  • Work contract / insurance / tax / visa / work permits

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2. Mapping competence / Candidate selection

  • Professional Qualifications

  • Profile of global competence / cultural adaptability

  • Psychological robustness and motivation

  • Interview: candidate / partner

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3. Preparations before departure

  • Specification of goals, responsibilities, expectations
  • Courses in global competence / cultural adaptability for expat, partner, children
  • Preparatory seminar: Language, culture, security, psychological and practical challenges
  • Legal Services: International Tax Law, Insurance, Visa, Work Contract
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4. During the assignment: Monitoring and training

  • Monitoring goals, responsibility, expectation: all participants
  • Expat mentorship program - global competence / networking
  • Psychological counseling and support
  • Crisis intervention for unexpected events

5. Completion of assignment / monitoring after return

  • Preparing the return - all family members

  • Strategic utilization of international experience

  • Legal services: termination of international taxation, insurance, visa, work contract

  • Global mobility - best practice